Social Media Marketing for Escorts

One of the most powerful ways to find clients is social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram.


Twitter is one of the easiest places to signup for. It will only takes a few minute to have your profile up and running with photos and info about yourself. After you have finished setting up your profile start following local guys most will follow you back, Porn starts and other escorts. If it’s a adult account probably follow them. Once a week tweet a selfie wearing sexy lingerie, dress, bikini and watch your followers go nuts for you. Make sure you have a link to your website in your profile and if you sell used panties or have members area with explicit photos you will sell a lot from the traffic from Twitter.



Facebook can be a bit harder to setup. Facebook has been cracking down and banning spamy accounts. The key to being successful on Facebook is to look and act like a real account. don’t spam links to your website, don’t post nude or lingerie photos of yourself. Setup your account with your escort name, date of birth, website link, etc. Use a sexy but fully clothed profile picture and only post fully clothed photos on your timeline. Post both completely normal stuff and naughty stuff, but don’t go overboard with the naughty. Your account should look like a normal everyday girls accounts that has a bit of a naughty side to her. Without doing anything you will get 100s and 1000s of guys sending you friend requests. Just accept all friend requests and around once a week post a sexy non-nude photo. If you are wondering how guys will find out you’re a escort and call to book a meeting. Don’t underestimate your clients they will find the link to your website in your deep inside your profile and the other links to your other social media accounts. Imagine their surprise when they find out the innocent looking girl they just became friend with is a escort and sells used panties and has members area on her website with explicit photos. Your website will get tons of hits and your phone won’t stop ringing with clients looking to book a meeting.



I use Snapchat to send sexy photos to my regulars once a week. Usually a few hours after I send the photo my regulars will book a meeting later in the week. They’re probably other ways to use Snapchat  so experiment with is and see what works for you.



Instagram is petty easy to setup. Use your escort name as your account name and have a link to your Facebook page in your profile. Don’t link to your website, It’s against Instagram’s terms of service to link to adult websites. Your account will get reported and banned if you do. With the link to Facebook it makes you look like a real person and your clients will find out who you are. Post a combination of normal girl stuff, sexy non-nude photos and naughty kinky stuff like photos of sex toys, lube bottles, lingerie, etc.


It’s really easy to get your name out there for free it just takes a bit of time. These are just a few things I did to maximize my income.               

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