How To Advertise For Escorts

Nowadays the internet is the best to advertise your service, but it’s not easy to be seen or even stand out. If you don’t treat being a escort seriously you will fail. Escort marketing is not as easy as posting a few sexy photos of yourself to a online escort directory.

Having your own website is really important and spending the time/money on having good SEO. You don’t need to be number one on Google for people to find your website, but being on the 1st page for your local area will really help. If you are a blonde busty girl, try to rank in google for “blonde busty escort in_______”    I’m not going to get real deep into SEO. There is tons of info already out there online.


What To Put On Your Website?

Depending on where you are running your escort business will determine how you can describe the services you provide and market yourself. Where I am in Queensland, Australia I am not aloud to mention in a place the public can see what my services are. Only that I’m a escort/companion. Check the laws where you are.

On my website I have a little bit about myself, Age, Nationality, Height, Dress Size, Cup Size, Hair, Eye colour and my interests. I also have a blog where I write about my daily life as a sex worker.


Online Escort Directories

Think of these as the modern day phone books but only for escorts. You will need to do a bit googling to see what directories rank high in your city. If you can signup for free and add your profile for free as well, go for it.


A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words    

It might sound obvious but you need high quality photos photos of yourself to even start to get bookings. Escorts are premium service that shares the world with Tinder. It’s easier than ever for your clients to find free hook ups. We are competing with free. Escorts are a premium service and we need to look like it. A lot of girls when they’re starting out use the same selfies they were using on Tinder to find hookups. It makes sense, those Tinder selfies got them a free dinner, free drinks and a free fuck so why wouldn’t they work they start escorting. A lot of girls when they first start think those selfies will work here as well. I’m here to tell you they don’t. No client is going to pay $300 per hour to spend time with someone that looks like Tinder date. Find a local boudoir photographer and book a photo shoot with them. It will be money well spent, it will payback 100 fold in bookings.

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