Escort Photography

I feel escort photography is not talked about enough. It’s fact of this business that you only get hired based on your looks. If the photos on your website are only underwear selfies you are not going to get much work. Men want a fantasy woman and not the same old thing they see everyday. your potential clients will be turned off by these type of photos. it’s okay to post the occasional selfie on your social media accounts but not on your website or on directories. Visiting your website is the last step your clients take before they book you. If your photos look like shit and not sexy stunning professional photos do you think they will pay $500ph to spend time with you??  The quality of your photo will determine the quality of client you attract. Do you want to be paid $50ph or $500ph? Having great photos makes it’s possible for most escorts to get paid this much.


How Not To Find A Photographer

Some of my escort friends have found local photographers on Facebook modelling groups or on ModelMayhem and more than one of them has had trouble because if it. Most of the photographers you find in these places are amateurs and they don’t understand we both need to be discrete. One of my friends her photographer and her agreed the photos will not be posted online with any shots of the her face. will guess what happened a few mouths after the shoot? The photographer posted around 10 lingerie and nude photos with her face in clear view and with her real name in the description. I’m not sure why he posted them, did he just forget or did he have some beef with her I don’t know. But it wasn’t a great outcome for her. She quit escorting a few weeks later and I  don’t hear much from her any more. It’s safe to say someone she knows found out about her escorting (family, non escort friends or her day job boss, etc). Don’t use amateur photographers!! Pay to shoot with the good professorial photographer that understands why keeping things discreet and private it one of the most important things for escorts.


How To Find The Right Photographer

The first thing is to just ask other escorts who took their photos. Depending on the size of the city you live in, you will probably see there is only a handful of trusted photographers in your area that shoot most of the escorts in the area. The photographer I have my photos taken by Seibakudan Photography If you are having trouble finding a photographer. Ask local boudoir photographers in your area, that’s what I did. When booking a shoot with a photographer be upfront on why you are doing the photoshoot. Some photographers won’t like there images being used to advertise an escort. Look around your area and see who you can find. You won’t regret it. it will be money well spent. my rates went up from a flat rate of $250 per hour to $650 for a GFE to $850 PSE Plus any extras just by having professorial photos. I also update my photos every 2-3 months to keep my website and directory listings looking fresh and up to date. I work between 4-8hr a day 6 days a week, you can probably roughly work out how much I make in a year. Which at the end of the day is why we became escorts.

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